Detail of "Baruch" by Gustave Doré

Phil Harwell

Orthodox Christian. Husband. Daddy. Hipster. Hippie. Curmudgeon. Musician. Artist. Writer. Analog. Digital. Geek. Nerd. Gamer. Developer. Beard. Multiple Sclerosis.

Oxygen Pillow
Alternative music for alternative people. Operating off and on since the year 2000.
Star Sick: the Original Generation
This is a parody of Star Trek that I wrote in blog form from 2011 to 2017.
Fear and Trembling
The story of my conversion to Orthodox Christianity, adapted from a blog I wrote in 2010-2011.
Byzantine Creation Date
A little JavaScript project to correctly display the date in both civil and church calendars. Currently a bit buggy.
Semi-Automated Response (Coming Soon...ish)
All the disadvantages of a too-intimate small community combined with all the failings of a lumbering corporate bureaucracy.

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