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Orthodox Christian. Husband. Daddy. Hipster. Hippie. Musician. Artist. Writer. Geek. Nerd. Beard-haver. Multiple Sclerosis.

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In Progress

Finally getting some real work done on this site. It’s still gonna take a while (see previous post’s ETA), but at least I’ve actually worked on it and not just thought about it.


Wanting to revamp the website. This blog may or may not be a part of what I want to do, except for maybe archival purposes.

ETA: glacier.

Overdue report

Things have not gone well this year. The Christmas of Almost Total Family Illness set me back quite a bit; it took me months to get over it. Furthermore, I had a core meltdown in May when I didn’t have my anxiety medication for several days. Thought I’d run out, but I had one more dose that I didn’t discover until it was too late. But it only would have delayed the inevitable, which was an anxiety attack that lasted for 3 or 4 days. I haven’t been the same since. Still dealing with a lot of stuff. No longer taking Adderall so I have been the living dead for months. Started some new meds and retired one. Side effects kick in waaaaay before benefits do. Saw psychiatrist earlier this week, and next neurologist appointment is in October, though I’m considering an attempt to get one sooner.

Love to all.

Maurice says hi

Maurice says hi.

in the works

Working on a concept for may wind up being a comic of some sort. If you all behave, I won’t publish it.

New MRI made fresh this morning Yep it&#8217…

New MRI, made fresh this morning. Yep, it’s still in there!

I might just…

I might just set me down and write a song called “What is Jack White’s Deal, Anyways? I Mean, Seriously?” …or I might just take a nap.

How I feel in the morning sometimes 1…

“How I feel in the morning (sometimes)”

My first drawing in a while. The red streaks represent the nerve pain. Also there’s a haze over me. I’m on my side since I have to lie in bed while my pain medicine kicks in.

To-Do List

Hey there everybody, everybody.

I’m back to this Tumbl-O-Blog once again, in a flood of internet activity. For the first time, I’ve actually participated in Trek debates online. Well, one debate and one “article deletion” discussion on Memory Alpha. I have been more active with non-Facebook/Twitter internet interactions in the last couple of days than in the last severalyearscombined! *sniff* It’s like I don’t even know me anymore! *sniff*

Anyways, on to buisness. Back at the main site, I promised updates, and so here I am, trying to make good on that. :)

First off: thanks to everybody to who liked / reblogged my last post! I wasn’t expecting such a response. You guys made me smile. For real. (Especially some of the replies… funny stuff!) This is more notoriety than I’ve ever gotten for anything I’ve posted online. And hello to my new follower! Hope you like what you see here, and don’t forget to check out the main site. If you like Star Trek and parodies, maybe you’ll get a few chuckles there.

NOTE TO SELF: write about Riker’s beard more.

Now that I’m several paragraphs in, I’ll get to what the title is, and that’s my to-do list for the new season, which actually shares more than I’d like in common with my to-do list for Season 2. What can I say? A nerd at rest tends to stay at rest. (Huh?)

First of all, the site, for me, has pretty much always felt incomplete. Much of the layout has needed revision, I still haven’t done any SEO for it, and navigation hasn’t been optimized. Really, the whole sitedoesn’t look how I’d like, as I wanted to completely redesign it between Seasons 1 and 2. That’s still my goal this time. “This time for sure… presto!” If you have any trouble reading it, or getting around the site, I apologize. If you don’t like how it looks… know that I don’t either. This will be hard, as I’m more of a programmer than a designer, so making a site look goodisn’t one of my strong suits. I’ll try my best… or see if I can get a friend to help!

Second, I’m still not in the habit of writing episodes in advance. *Sigh* That’s been the reason for many of the lapses (or, “unintended breaks”) where I’ve gone up to a few weeks without getting that next post out, due to laziness, health issues, or both. Part of my goal with having a three-month break again was so I could write far enough in advance so that publication would be more regular / timely. Gotta get on that first episode, because I already know it’s gonna be a doozy. And my other outlines need more fleshing out. I’ve reached the point with the story that I can’t fly by the seat of my pants anymore like I did in the early days.

Finally, there are other miscellaneous tasks that need to get done simply because of this blog having survived this long. Mainly, it’s cataloging of data and doing more in the way of catching new readers up besides just having a link to Episode 1. I figure doing season summaries is a good idea, as well as some sort of “users guide” that would include a general description of things, have brief character bios, and describe the conventions / mechanics of the blog (my writing style and so on).

So, I’ve got a long way to go in the next month and a half. Anyways, have a good day, and Live Long and Perspire!

Question of the Day: Mirror Universe Riker

Question of the Day: Would “Mirror Universe” Commander Riker have a beard in the first season, then be clean-shaven for the other six, or would he just have a goatee the entire time?


I’m still here.

Just in case you were wondering.

[edit]: but I’m oh so tired. Exhausted by life.

Exactly when did &#8220 cup of coffee&#8221 become…

Exactly when did “cup of coffee” become a unit of measurement? I was not taught this in school. Maybe it is only taught to advertisers.


Fat Elvis Costello wonders “Have I been waiting…

Fat Elvis Costello wonders: “Have I been waiting too long… or not long enough?”

Photos and Stuff

Oh man. You guys. I gotta get my old pictures back on the Internet. My photoblog has been dead for a long time. Got disillusioned when Twitter bought Posterous and took it all down. Anyways, I figure Tumblr’s the right place to bring this stuff back.

And I totally gotta get on some new stuff. Haven’t been doing as much lately. Still post to Instagram on occasion, but it’s rare. I miss messing around with photos and all.

Seriously. Don’t let me forget.

God Bless your day!

They say I got brains but they ain&#8217…

They say I got brains, but they ain’t doin’ me no good… I wish they could…

The Beach Boys, “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times”

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